Saturday, November 17, 2007

She can't always work her magic

Last night I loaded Addison into the car and traveled north up to Rogers Park to meet Andy at the Loyola basketball game vs. Western Michigan.

Addison was totally entertained by the loud noises, the lights and all the commotion, although she didn't particularly enjoy the sound of the buzzer. She got to hear Sue boo very loudly, see her Daddy scream at the ref several times and listen to the pure disappointment of the LU fans. Even though Addison was suited up, Loyola lost to the Broncos 61-63.

Somewhere about 1/2 way through the second half, the game was just too much for my little girl to handle and she had to take a quick break...when she awoke, however, she cheered her heart out!
I guess she can't be a good luck charm for every team...let's just hope the Buckeyes are triumphant today, or she'll have a really grumpy Daddy.


Toolio said...

I can not believe I missed her first LU Game? Did she make it to Bruno's for halftime??? HAHA!


Mich said...

I need one of those carrier things so I can take naps on the fly too!