Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Today I went to my Weight Watchers meeting, as I do every Tuesday. Ever since Addison has decided to be a connoisseur of bottles and soy formula I have been packing on the pounds. Damn I miss the burning of 500 calories daily, as I supposedly was when I was nursing. However, now that Addison is teething, I can't say that I really miss nursing.
Somehow I managed to only gain 0.4 lbs over Turkey Day. I really should have gained 5...not from Thanksgiving dinner, but from the day after when Andy, Phelan and I decided to eat BW3's, Leona's pizza while playing Rummikube, Cribbage and drinking mimosas. A lot of mimosas. More mimosas that 3 people should be able to consume. The point being, after that day alone I should've slammed on several pounds, so overall I was quite happy with my 0.4 lbs gain.
To celebrate Addison and I met Christie at FlatTop (see the irony in celebrating a diet at an all you can eat restaurant??). I had their soup...DEELISH! I never before trusted Keelin on how yummy FlatTop soup is...I don't know why I would ever question Keelin when it comes to food. Plus, it was 100% diet friendly...as of today I'm back on the diet wagon.
FlatTop always wreaks havoc on my digestive system...it didn't effect me this time, but it did a number on Addison. I had to change a NASTY diaper while at lunch and just a few minutes ago, she made her father face the wrath of her diaper.

Yep, you read that right, Andy had to change a dirty, pooped-filled diaper. I might have had a clue that he'd have to do that when I handed her over to him. But, hey, all is fair in love and poop-filled diapers!
This picture is from earlier this month and has nothing to do with today, it just makes me giggle. Andy's coworker made her this hat, which I find adorable. Doesn't it look like Addison is saying "Hey, does this hat make my head look big??"....of course it's not the hat. She just has big head...90th percentile, baby!


Toolio said...

Thanks for the heads up on Flat Top soup! I will have to try it next time.

sara said...

Jessica - Addison IS really cute! It's fun to check out the other blogs...

RenataB said...

Jess you absolutely crack me up! Sorry it took me this long to get two hands to surf the web with and enjoy your blog. I'll become a regular comment poster from now on....and no, I don't mind the Gordon's quote from last week :)