Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas in the car

Our marathon of being merry is just about over. Tomorrow we head to Grandpa & Grandma Johnson's for some Christmas cheer, and then we can officially close the holiday season.
We arrived home in Chicago yesterday afternoon about 4:30 p.m. Since last Friday at 3:00 p.m. we had traveled to Cincinnati, Charleston and Indianapolis, enjoying the scenery in 5 different states. Our little car has packed on another 1175+ miles, and we have discovered that we can travel together peacefully for 17.5 hours (if broken into smaller increments).

After arriving in Cincinnati for the 2nd time Andy & I celebrated with these

Addison was ooohed and aaahed at, passed around from one set of arms to the other and generally entertained the Neyer, Coyle and Flaherty clans for hours on end.

Trip highlights
1. Uncle Brian came over to see Addison before the XU game, and she covered him in baby spit up. Awesome.

2. Addison learned what a seahorse sounds like...if you are wondering, ask Grandma Patty next time you see her.

3. At Neyer Christmas little Elise rounded the corner in her grandparents' basement pointed at Uncle Ed's display of golf balls and yelled "PawPaw your balls!"...I almost spit my yummy mashed potatoes across the room.

4. Meeting so many of the Flaherty clan

5. Getting to see Uncle Jeafen & Gramma Kathy at the same time!!

6. Addison meeting the Riggins boys...and immediately flirting.

7. A baby who entertained herself or slept during all our car time...what a perfect angel!

8. Upon arriving home, finding out that Sean has joined a Curling Team in Albany. We knew he'd adventually find a sport to excel in where drinking is mandatory. Well done, Sean.

Trip low light:

Coming home to find out that Miss Michelob was so angry at being left alone that she used our bed as a litter box. She has now officially used 11 of her nine lives. The mattress has been scrubbed with baking soda, oxyclean, febreeze and anything else I could find. All the bed clothes have been washed in bleach twice. Cat is still alive...much to Andy's dismay.

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