Thursday, January 17, 2008

At the table with the Big Kids

On Sunday I got to spend my afternoon with Evan Brooks. We had a smashing good time, he helped me with my crossword puzzle and some Internet research on booster chairs, and I changed his diaper, sang him silly songs and held his bottle as he chugged it down. Addison is only 6 months old, but already I had forgotten how 3 month old babies don't need to be entertained. Evan was not interested in playing on his jungle gym mat; he was much more interested in me holding him so that he could snuggle and sleep. Addison is never interested in snuggling and sleeping anymore!
Since I was already in the 'burbs I decided to make a trek to SuperTarget (yes, Michelle, I know you are super jealous). I actually had to go to Renata's Target because none of the Targets in the city had the booster chair that I wanted to buy Addison. So, I wandered around SuperTarget, totally enamored with the awesomeness of it, and eventually bought the coveted booster chair.

This chair of course is needed as we wanted to start Addie on real food, and our highchair is packed away in Great Grandma's basement in Cincinnati (because we foolishly thought we would easily sell our condo and officially be Ohioans by now...stupid us). So the chair came home. It got strapped to a bar stool (might as well get her used to bar stools) at the kitchen island and she tried it out. We didn't feed her in it until Monday night...but we let her practice ....

This wooden spoon is now her favorite toy/teether. She can bang it, throw it, gag on it...awesome. Why is it that we have a room full of toys again??


Toolio said...

Two things I loved about this entry.

1. She learning how to eat from a bar stool.
2. A house full of toys costing thousands of dollars and a wooden spoon (cost - 0.79) is her favorite!


Mich said...

Just don't let Corey around - he will give her a wooden fork to play with.