Monday, January 21, 2008

Heathen Baby No More

This past Sunday we had Addison baptized. We had been planning on christening her in Cincinnati at our new parish, but since we have not moved and don't know which parish will be ours, we decided to visit Queen of Angels for another sacrament. Of course we picked the day that was -3 degrees below zero to dunk her head in holy water. Ooops.

Addison did wonderfully. She flirted with everyone around her, including the priest; tried to pull off the bonnet of the other little girl being baptized; kicked her shoes off repeatedly; and in general, was a baby rock star. Aunt Nikki & Uncle Jeafen are Addison's godparents, her moral compasses, her model Catholic examples. Already her little halo is shining quite brightly over her angelic head.

At Grandma & Grandpa Johnson's baby girl refused to nap and entertained her loyal fans with shrieks, dress eating and head bobbing. Her loyal fans cheerfully toasted her with many, many, many mimosas, while shoving all sorts of yummy food down their throats.

Tonight Andy & I are exhausted and are about to pass out, Addison is already snoring.

I had to explain to Addie that tomorrow she will not be greeted with flashbulbs or fifteen different faces....she's going to try to adjust, but I am afraid that she'll be bored to death being stuck with just me.

**Oh, and Jeaf finally met his nephew Emmett, looks like they really hit it off, eh??

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