Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's not that I don't want Addison to crawl. Really I's that I don't want to childproof the apartment. The electrical sockets, the cabinets, the sets of stairs, so much work! I also know that once she gets moving there is going to be no stopping her. It's kind of like once she starts talking I have a feeling there will never be a silent moment again in my life ~ for heaven's sake I hear DaDaDaDa about 42 million times a day already.

I thought that she was going to be crawling by the end of March. When we were at Granpa & Grandma Johnson's for St. Patty's day it looked like she was taking off. When we were in Pittsfield for a week in March all she did was tease Gramma Kathy with potentially crawling. But no, she continued to roll around to where ever she wanted to be.

Well, now she has her knees up under her and she rocks back and forth on them as though she is seriously contemplating the repercussions of crawling. I tried to coax her along today, bribing her with her pacifier, but she didn't quite make it to her dismay (maybe not to mine).

Ahhhhh, one more sweet day without a mobile child.

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Christie said...

Aunt Christie is going to get Addison to crawl this weekend. If she is anything like her mother, I can just wave a piece of cheese in front of her and she'll take off.