Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nothing Exciting

It's overcast today and a little cooler (by a little cooler I mean 59 degrees, I'm still in flip flops). Addison and I dropped Andy off at work, hit Target for some essentials and then meandered over to Oakley for storytime at the Blue Manatee. We were a bit early so I stopped in Fresh Market to check it out. Cute, a little pricey, like a scaled down version of Whole Foods. I think I'll just stick to my friendly neighborhood Kroger (back in the '80s apparently there was a commercial that called grocery shopping at Kroger "krogering". That's what I say now. Because now I am Kroger girl. Buh-bye Dominick's, buh-bye Jewel).
Anyway, storytime was cute, although after getting there I read the fine print that stated it was for kids 3+ years old. Luckily we weren't the only ones that missed the fine print - there were a couple other babes there as well. I will definitely put Blue Manatee on the "a place to go for daytime distraction" list, but I don't think I'll go back for story hour. Turns out kids who are mobile and have words like to move and talk...a lot and loudly. Maybe we'll check out Baby Sing-a-long next week instead. Blue Manatee does have kicking good sugarfree hazelnut latte though...sign me up for one of those each time we go.

Yesterday we hung out in Hyde Park, the best I can liken it to would be a Southport or Lincoln Square area in Chicago or a Lenox in the Berkshires. Cute, trendy, pretty, overpriced. We wandered the neighborhood and eventually picked up a tomato pesto sandwich from a wine shop (and a bottle of wine for some other time). Addison and I ate on a park bench in the square, she enjoyed her bottle and I enjoyed my fancy sandwich and a can of Limonata.

Here's a few shots of our day yesterday....

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Kate C. said...

Here's an idea - why don't you get Addie E some sunglasses? If you don't - don't worry, I'll bring some cute pink ones down for her in May. She can be a true lady who lunches and protect her eyes.