Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Weekend

Friday afternoon I packed up the trunk and Addison and headed downtown to get Andy. We headed outta town to Charleston WV. Charleston is only about 3.5 hours away, which is great being that I have two sets of aunts and uncles there that I rarely get to see...obviously that is about to change.
We drove the AA highway through Kentucky. It's a pretty drive, but you can get stuck behind quite a few pick up trucks, which of course we did. It's also a prettier drive when your nine month old decides to sleep, which of course she didn't. We got to my Aunt Carol and Uncle Denny's around 8:30, put Addie down to sleep and settled in to some wine, sandwiches and good conversation on their back deck.

Saturday morning Addison and I got up around 7 and headed upstairs to hang out. Hanging out quickly turned into being spoiled with coffee, muffins and gifts. I got a wonderful new crockpot cookbook and some Yankee Candles, and Addie got a great set of learning books and box of wooden blocks that quickly became her focal point.

After a homecooked breakfast of omelets, cinnamon toast, fruit, coffee and juice, Andy & I repacked the car and headed west to Cross Lanes WV, where the TriState Dog Track and Gaming center is. There we met Nikki, Brian, Kelly, Rick, Kim & Rylan. We snagged a table in their terraced restaurant over looking the pup track and waited for the guest of honor to arrive, Grandma Neyer.
Grandpa Neyer had arranged a surprise birthday outing for Patty....her kids and grandkids and some fast running doggies. Needless to say we had a great time, Grandma was super surprised and Addison quickly learned the thrill of gambling. We didn't have too many big wins, but I did win $50 on the pups and $25 bucks in the slots, so who can complain? We also bet our community money on the last race we were there for on a puppy named Xavier, in honor of Grandma & Grandpa's beloved Musketeers...and he won, making the pot $110 richer.
Grandma's Babies, Addie & Rylan
The three of us headed back to rainy Cincinnati around 9:30 this morning so that Addison could start to get back on schedule and Andy could get work done before heading into the office tomorrow.
It was a wonderful adventure away from home...a great excuse to visit my family (or what I call Spa Flaherty) and celebrate Grandma's youth...And, oh yeah, Addison also figured out how to use a straw this weekend, exciting stuff!


Toolio said...

That water bottle is from Target! Awesome!


We take the AA Highway when driving from Norfolk to Indiana. It's a great road traffic-wise, but man is it dark at night!