Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sad Dad

Carolina lost.

Addison and I left Andy at BW3s with his brother before the game started with high hopes. Addison went to bed and I watched in horror as Carolina shat down their legs. Boo.

I did learn, however, that I have several friends who care about my well being, and who apparently think that Andy may cause bodily harm to me when Carolina loses (which, for the record he never has). I know my friends care because I received the following text messages:

* 9:58 p.m. "Grab the baby and seek shelter!" Christie
* 10:01 p.m. "I am drinking a scotch for a comeback." Phelan
* 10:30 p.m. "Did your husband bring oxygen?" Christie
* 10:52 p.m. "Lock the doors and hide." Christie
* 10:59 p.m. "Move to the other apartment now." Phelan
*11:01 p.m. "Our thought are with you. If you need to be rescued we can be there in under 4 hours the way Berto drives." Keelin
*11:03 p.m. "Come to think of it, it might be faster to call a locksmith and have the locks changed." Keelin

Thanks pals! Addison and I are just fine and were feeling pretty darn good at 6:15 this a.m. when she awoke....Andy is looking, however, a little rough around the edges.

***Please note that Karen does not care about our well-being. All she had to say at 11:03 p.m was "Bye Bye UNC!" Meany pants.

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Mich said...

Andy wanted to send a text that said, "that is what you get for leaving Chicago" - then he thought better of it!