Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Squirrel Update

Mike from Critt'r Catch'r pounded on my front door today (we have a sign that says "Please knock loud, bell doesn't work", so it's okay that he pounded) to let me know that he was going to be checking out the apartment's exterior to make sure no squirrels had come back.

I told him about my best bud, Mr. Squirrel, and he said he'd look into it.

Turns out a family of birds and a squirrel were taking refuge under the air conditioner, but had not gotten into the wall, although there were places where Mr. Squirrel had been gnawing, obviously trying to gain entry to our comfy home.

Mike removed the birds nest. I felt bad about that until he told me the nest belonged to English Starlings, which apparently are not very nice birdies. He then told me he put down sticky board to deter the squirrel from returning. His description of the sticky board sounded essentially like a large glue trap. Glue traps, due to an unfortunate incident in college with a glue trap and a baby mouse, totally freak me out. However, Mike assured me that if a full grown squirrel got on the sticky board it would, with some effort, be able to free itself and would be scared away from returning. If a bird lands on it, it's a whole other story...

So, sorry my little Cincinnati wildlife friends, you are no longer welcome at 4101 Floral Avenue. On the bright side, all I am dealing with is a squirrel and some pesky birds....not a cougar.

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Kathleen said...

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