Saturday, April 12, 2008

Steak Hoagie=Bad, Zoo=Good

Andy and I have been laying on the couch for the past 24+ hours holding our bellies and groaning. We are not quite sure what is wrong, but are working on the assumption that we have food poisoning from sharing a delish steak hoagie at LaRosa's Thursday night. If we were Berto and still at LU we'd be claiming food poisoning for the next week, but I think we are approaching the end of it (thank god!). Addison did not have any steak hoagie so she feels great and has been very patient as we recover.
Elise checking out the proud peacock
Before the unfortunate LaRosa's incident Addison & I joined Genna & Elise at the zoo. Addison slept through much of our first visit. She missed the peacock shaking his tail feather, the reptile house and our coffee break. She did, however, thoroughly enjoy her ride on the red choo choo around the zoo, she let out several shrieks and giggles as we zoomed past the exhibits. We are now zoo members...come and visit and we'll take you to ride the choo choo too!
Today we are going house hunting...we promised ourselves that we wouldn't look at houses until at least June, but one amazing house came to our attention that we are in love with so now we have to go comparison shopping before we willynilly make an offer on a house. Are we even grown up enough to have four bedrooms and swing set??

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Sue said...

Sweet photo. Random fact: One time when my family went camping, our dog caught a peacock. Can't wait to visit the Cinci Zoo!