Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We could use some fairy dust around here

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I remember when I was little? I'd lose a tooth, put it under my pillow and you would give me 25 cents while I was sleeping. (By the way, what's the deal with that? Kids these days get between $2 and $5. That is a little ridiculous!). I really loved waking up and getting those quarters. I knew then that you were a magical creature.

I know it's been awhile, but would you mind doing me a favor?

Could you come sprinkle some of your magical dust on my daughter? You don't need to give her any money or anything. Instead, could you make her teeth come in without all the drooling? Perhaps with a little less ear-piercing screaming? Maybe you could steady her mood swings a bit?

If you could help in anyway I would really appreciate it. I might even feel compelled to drink a little less wine at night.
Really, you'd be helping both of us out quite a bit.

Addison's Mom

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