Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Splish Splash

I've been trying all day to upload some videos, but is not cooperating...stupid technology.
Quick update of the day...Two big things happened:
  1. I got into a bathing suit and did not dehydrate myself crying. The Aunts did not run away screaming covering their eyes. I did, however, avoid full length mirrors at all costs. Oh boy, the beach is going to be painful. Then again, I did push a huge baby out less than a year ago and even before then I was no beach bathing hottie.

  2. Addison made it into a swimming pool and her heart did not explode...although I am pretty sure she thought it might.

We went with Aunt Nikki, Aunt Kimmie and Rylan to Andy's Aunt Sue's house to enjoy her pool on the first 90 degree plus day we've had in a while.

I put on Addie's swim diaper. She cried. I put on Addie's bathing suit. She cried harder. I picked her up, she calmed down. I put on Addie's sunhat. She glowered at me. But the real dramatics didn't occur until I put her piggy toes in the pool. Blood curdling, terrified screaming followed by uncontrollable crying.

We decided to sit at the edge of the pool for a bit. Addie slowly sneaked her toes in. I tried swishing her up to her belly twice, she freaked both times. Finally I made the executive decision that Addison was going to be a brave little girl. We walked right into the pool and I plunked her into her new inner tube, as she screamed and cried...for a second and then she realized how AWESOME it is to float in a cool pool on a hot day.

I think she takes after her Daddy...a real water baby. Unfortunately, I also think the has my incredibly burnable skin. I had to reapply her SPF50 while still in the pool as she splashed and giggled.

A special hour at the pool equals an exhausted baby who takes a quality afternoon nap. Ahhhh, quietness.


Kathy said...

THAT is not a happy baby~~~that's an I'm not so sure about this baby! Aunt Nikki looks like the happy baby!

Sue said...

SO CUTE! How did you do with the sunscreen, did she burn?