Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Friendship and Love

We have returned from our whirlwind weekend in Chicago celebrating the best things in life: love, friendship and adorable babies. Roberto and Keelin got hitched on Saturday, and on Sunday Addie turned ONE (much more on that later).
We arrived in Chicago Friday afternoon about the same time as Steve and Tamar, allowing all of us a minute or two to visit and enjoy each other before the festivities began. We were joined shortly thereafter by Brad and Jess, Gramma Kathy and, best of all, the reason for our visit: Mr. and Mrs. To Be, Roberto and Keelin.

A few hours later, Addie was out for a walk with Gramma and Andy and I were at the wedding rehearsal. After sharing a wonderful dinner at Salvatore's (mmmm, ricotta spinach pasta. mmmm, open bar), we headed back to the Hyatt for a night cap or two.

Saturday was busy with hair, makeup, bagels, kitkats, pretty dresses and then the main event: Keelin and Berto's wedding. I have had the honor of being in several weddings, and never before have I been with such a calm, relaxed, overjoyed bride. Keelin loved the hair, the fussing, the bagels, the gorgeous dress, but all she really wanted was to get down that aisle and hold Berto's hand...

As has been well documented in other shared pictures and blogs Saturday was nothing short of phenomenal. Addison enjoyed how her voice echoed in the church, how floofy and prissy her dress was and loved all the attention her Chicago friends lavished on her.
Andy and I had an amazing time...being back among our closest friends, telling stories, laughing - a lot.

And on a sappy, girly note ~ Watching two people you love fall in love with each other is so incredible. I was pretty much non-stop boo hooing most of the day Saturday. Purely happy tears...for heaven's sake I am welling up now. What has happened to me? I used to be so darn tough.
I did a horrible job taking pictures...I left that up to the pros and the rest of the paparazzi. But what a great excuse to come back to the Windy City...and how hard it was to leave yesterday.


Sue said...

Love your sap, I welled up at it too. We are pathetic. What a great time, that wedding. Loved hanging out and dancing with your mom -- she rocks! (Hi, Kathy!)

Kathy said...

I also got a little weepy!!
BACK OFF SUE~~~~its my blog!xoxo