Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cake Coma

While we were celebrating birthdays in Glenview on Saturday everyone was rather impressed with the impeccable table manners of my daughter. While my darling nephew Emmett attacked his cake as though he had not seen food in seven months, Addie simply touched and prodded and licked. She did get in on her face a bit, but over all she was quite dainty.
Those table manners were quite disappointing to my stepmother, Kathy. She was ready for cake chaos. She had the wading pool set up and a bathing suit waiting for Addison for the big cake clean up. Kathy wanted cake from head to toe and everywhere in between. Sadly, Addison did not perform. Silly girl and her silly manners.
She did, however, decided to make up for her lack luster performance on Sunday last night while we celebrated her birthday with the Neyer clan.
She opened presents (toys and clothes and dolls, a one-year-old's dream) and then was given her birthday cake.

The cake was far from the masterpiece I had fantasied about in my head. In my world of me being an awesome stay-at-home-mom, a birthday cake resembling a giraffe was going to be created. In reality, when I made the cake I almost forgot the eggs, and then once the cake cooled I tried to transfer it to a cookie sheet and it broke into about 5 pieces. I jigsawed it back together, frosted and decorated it, but it was far cry from my lofty cake dreams.

In any case, Addison seemed to enjoy having another cake. Instead of blowing the candle out, she tried to grab it (luckily my mighty breath extinguished it first) and instead of licking, prodding and touching she DUG IN. Mmmmm...we don't have video, but the pics say it all.

Bathtime was a must and I am pretty sure there were sprinkles floating in her tub water. But I'll tell you this, even after her bath last night, this morning she smelled awfully sweet; almost good enough to eat.


Kathy said...

The REAL Addie comes out at home! It's so nice that she can use her manners when she's out. Well done Baby Girl!

Sue said...

I think your cake is beautiful!! P.S. Happy Anniversary!