Sunday, January 18, 2009

Julliard? Not so much

After Addison's tantrums last week I felt a little hopeless and lost. My friends Sharon and Genna assured me that my darling daughter is not gone forever, she's just entering the wonderful world of toddlerhood. They also assured me that while there are some real rough times in the land of toddlerhood, there are also some amazing ones.
I have to agree. There are moments when I am so in awe of all that Addison is learning to do and able to do.
I can ask her to get specific things and she'll get them. If I say to her "Please go get your blue monkey", she'll wander over to her toys and get her her blue monkey, not her fuzzy brown one. If I ask her to go pick up mommy's socks, she'll return with my socks, not with her socks, even though they were laying next to each other.
When I change her diaper these days not only does she want to help "wipe" but she also pops up when we're done and wants to throw the dirty diaper away.
The latest thing to completely amuse Andy & I is that she now is trying to sing.
I say trying, because it sounds like she has been blessed with her mother's musical prowess. Addie sits in her toy corner with her Elmo's Piano book and pushes a button for one of the programmed songs (Row Row Row Your Boat, Frere Jacques, etc) and then she warbles along to the music. The first time Andy heard her I thought he was going to fall of the couch.
Funny? Yes.
Pretty? Not really so much.

The point being, that while it appears that I will have navigate tantrums and her hitting her head on stationary objects when she's angry, I will also get to enjoy watching her figure out the world and, apparently, be reminded of the pure joy of singing just sing.

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