Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let it Snow!

So, it turns out that snow can fall in Cincinnati. Yesterday morning I woke up and mocked the city for closing schools, as there was only about an inch of snow on the ground. However, throughout the day the snow continued to fall and the ice arrived late afternoon. By nine last night most schools were also cancelled for today.
Our neighborhood has been a flurry of shoveling, snow blowing and sledding. Addison now thinks that sleds are the coolest things (next to Mommy) and seems to love playing in the snow...although she was 100 percent not amused by making snow angels and looked at Grandma, Aunt Nikki and I like we were crazy when we laid her down in the snow. Didn't we know that stuff is COLD? Here are some pictures of our first (real) snow in Ohio and Addie's first time playing in it.
Yesterday's FUN:
Playing in the snow for the first time. She was practically a popsicle once we got her inside.

Sledding down our front yard. It's barely a hill, but it thrilled Addison!

Today's FUN:
This is looking out our kitchen window at the backyard. Those are the same berries the birds were feasting on last earlier in the they're a frozen dessert, perhaps?

Andy says this is the most attractive picture of me ever taken. He'll say anything to get me to do the manual labor.


Sue said...

Oh good! I was hoping Addison wouldn't grow up to be one of those softies in warm climates. Must toughen her up with midwest weather. That first photo is so cute, I am going to print it and put it in my album! And I love your photo of the backyard -- icicles hanging off the table, lovely.

Kathy said...

I totally agree with Sue!!! She's gotta be tough like her Mommy! The pictures are so cute. She looks like a pint sized snow bunny! Ilove bright pink cheeks!

Kate C. said...

I love her hip hop Timberlands! Nice work. I think next winter it should be a shiny snow suit to go with the boots!!

I am glad you were finally able to get out. Hmm...snow blower on next year's Christmas list?

Gerald said...

Addison on the sled is such a great shot