Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Maybe I spoke too soon

After my blogging earlier today, Addison decided to challenge me on my statement "By no means do I think that Addison is 100 percent immersed in the terrible twos". Holy bejeezus, did she lose it.
was fortunate enough to call in the middle of her major meltdown, and I am pretty sure is still slightly traumatized by the racket she heard occurring in the background.
By major meltdown, I mean an hour plus of writhing on the floor, stomping her feet, opening kitchen drawers and slamming them shut, hitting her mommy, spitting, kicking the cat, throwing her cup and giraffe and making pretty much the most god awful pitiful noises you've ever heard. I could not pick her up or hold her in my lap. If I offered her something in hopes of calming her it got thrown. If I spoke to her, she just turned up the volume.
Whoa boy.

She has pulled it (more or less) together, but I would say that we are in the middle of a very fragile balancing act. Dinner has been eaten. Kitty has been kissed. Mommy has been hugged...but giraffe is still laying ignored in the corner of kitchen.

Bath time is in 45 minutes. Bed time is in 75 minutes.
Wine time is in 76 minutes.

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Kathy said...

I'll get you a glass and a corkscrew!~~~~Like I said before, The Apple doesn't fall....