Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our last couple of days...

Addison and I have been keeping each other nice and busy over the past few days. Andy is off in Massachusetts for work, so this is a GIRLS ONLY week.

The weather in Cinci has taken mercy on us and we've had a few balmy, although a bit damp, days. In the words of my mother it has felt good to go outside and "blow the stink off". Lovely visual isn't it?

Monday Addie and I went to Strollerfit and ran and ran. My legs knew I had worked out, and that was a good feeling. We did a little shopping and errands, and then headed home. Addie must have been worn out from watching me workout - she took a solid 2 hour nap. Trust me I am NOT complaining. After her nap we strolled across the street and visited with our neighbor and her brood. Note to self: to keep Addison entertained for a long period of time, unleash her on neighborhood kids. She played and played and I enjoyed a little adult interaction. Added bonus, I came home with a "new" coffee table for our living room. Now every time Addison goes through the living she points at the coffee table and says "whooooaaa". She must have an eye for style.

Tuesday we enjoyed a lazy morning and then hopped in the car to run errands. We met Aunt Kimmie, Uncle Dickie and Rylan out at JC Penney's to drop off some coupons, and then went on our merry way to the DMV to get our Mazda legal. We failed spectacularly in that department (a story for another time) and discovered that the DMV with a toddler is a huge mistake. Later Addie and I played in the yard until rain chased us inside, which is when we decided to have our own dance party. The neighbors must LOVE looking my windows. Grandma and Aunt Nikki came over to hang out with Addie at night so I could go to my core class. I quickly remembered that core class equals pain. I am still in pain. Good, sweet, ouchy pain.

Dancing and spinning and sliding and laughing.....what a good way to spend the day.

Today we headed off to StrollerFit again...we are oh-so recommitted to fitness. "'09 is mine"...or is it "the more I work out in '09 the less guilt about wine"? Either way, we've been showing up to class. On the way home we washed the sixteen tons of salt off the car, and yet it is still hard to call it white. Addison fought me spectacularly on a nap, but turns out third time is a charm. We spent the evening listening to the wind whip across our yard and having an impressive tickle fight. I totally won.

Now I am enjoying having power, although it keeps flickering in a threatening way. With any luck it'll stay on long enough for me sit back and get sucked into Top Chef. Tomorrow we have a breakfast date with GG and lunch with the ladies. Then it's time to start getting organized for Mission: Fly to Gramma.

Oi vey.


Kathy said...

Another generation of dancing to the tune of a different drummer!!! I just love the "lean" in the finale!

Kate C. said...

I think we have a different definition of dance music :-) I might have to introduce Addie E to some really fun dance music.

Those are some nice dance moves.

Mich said...

I love how she first spins one way and then spins the opposite direction as to not make herself dizzy - very smart lady.

Gerald said...

quite the little dancer, She is so cute and so curious about the camera

Sue said...

I would love to join her in a dance party. She is so adorable, I cannot stand it!