Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eggs and Chocolate

The Easter Bunny has hippity hopped outta here.
A lesson we've learned is:
Addison LOVES chocolate. Chocolate with peanut butter = her HEAVEN.

Another lesson learned is:

The Easter Bunny who I grew up with must have retired and forgotten to leave behind a detailed job description.

The Easter Bunny of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s delivered wonderful little baskets. He filled them up with bubbles and jelly beans and chocolate and jump ropes. Just enough spoiling to celebrate the start of Spring.

The Easter Bunny of 2009 is extravagant. He filled baskets with singing bunnies and stickers and shoes and outfits and books and candy. I mean, this bunny really rocked it out. He made sure he had things at Grandma's, at Gram & Papa's, and mailed to Addie from Gramma and from Aunt Ruthie.

This bunny is like Bunny Claus.

But you're not hearing any complaints from my house....bring it on, Bunny, bring it on.

*Sorry for the silly music. I can't figure out how to put my own music on the videos


LMK said...

The music actually went perfectly when the kids were going down the slide!

Oh, and tell Addie that chocolate + peanut butter TOTALLY = heaven!

JayJohnson said...


Love it...

Kate C. said...

How cute!! I love how she is ruthless when it comes to an egg hunt.

ck said...

That is adorable. I LOVE how they look when they stoop over things at that age.