Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Share and share alike?

Sharing is hard.

It is a relatively well known fact that I am not an A+ sharer.

I mean I'll loan you a shirt, but you better not stain it. You can borrow my books, but don't return them with a broken spine or dog-eared pages. Of course you can use my car, but it'd be nice if you returned it with a full tank of gas.

I'll always share a glass of wine and my couch with you, but you better not sit in my spot.

You get the point.

It looks like I have, sadly, passed this trait on to my darling cherub. She understands what it means to share. She always wants me to share my juice, breakfast, treat. On Mother's Day she gave me a balloon, and quickly said "Share, Mama".

She gets the concept, she just doesn't embrace it - particularly (dudududum) with Rylan.

Rylan will be happily at home with his mommy and daddy (who, according to Addie are Mimmie and Dic) and Addison, out of the blue, will say "No, Ryry, MINE".
She and I were driving home from Lowe's today and she was holding empty makeup bag of mine (okay, maybe it's called Total Bitch Bag, and maybe I find it a little inappropriately funny when she plays with it) and repeatedly hugging the bag to her chest and saying not loudly, but emphatically, saying "Mine. Mine. No Ryry, MINE". Poor Rylan wasn't even there to defend himself.

I always remind her that it's nice to share and that Rylan is allowed to play with her toys. Yes, I even do this when Rylan is not around. But even with my endless reminding, she is quite adamant about sharing on her terms only - particularly (dudududum) with Rylan.

In the one hour that Ry was at our house this afternoon I heard "No, Ryry, MINE" at least 25 times. Sometimes it was in regard to her books, or chair, or juice cup, or the cat. Some times it was over one of her 78 cell phones, her play houses, her tunnel. Once it was over me.

I caught her not sharing, emulating one of my less than quality traits, a bunch today. And luckily for you, I even caught a moment or two with the camera.

Rylan touched her toy. OOPS.
No Ryry. MINE. MY ball. NO.

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ck said...

But she's so beautiful when she refuses to share!