Friday, May 15, 2009

Superhero in disguise

Andy has been working an insane amount lately. To put it in perspective, he told me Thursday night that when we went to call me (at 9:30) he accidentally dialed his boss' desk line instead of our house. That is a problem.

While he slaves away for the man, I sit at home theorizing that perhaps instead of being a techie, banking, geek he actually is a superhero or the ruler of the universe.
Does he wear a cape?
Does he have a mask?
Is there a red phone that rings when the world is in peril?

He assures me that the answer to all my questions is no. He is not a superhero, he is not ruling the universe.
But I'll tell you this, when he makes it home before bedtime he is a superhero to one little person.


jillian said...

So totally adorable!

Sue said...

Choked up. Whoops.