Monday, May 4, 2009

Tales of Rain Puddles

We haven't been in hiding over the past week....we've been hanging out with Gramma and Aunt Janet.

Gramma and Janet took a road trip from the east coast to the great state of Ohio. After a stop in Akron to see Uncle Jeaf, they headed here to do all our yard work. We did get some yard work done, but the weather wasn't very cooperative.
So, instead of sipping margaritas on the patio over the next few weekends enjoying fruits of my mother's labor, Andy and I are going to have sweat a little in the sun (then we'll gulp the margaritas).
My mom isn't one to let a little rain get in the way. First she taught Addie "Rain, rain, go away..." and then she bundled her up in a slicker and her rain boots and went out to explore the neighborhood.

Gramma and Addie found every puddle they could and did some quality puddle stomping and splish-splashing. It was definitely a highlight of Addison's week. She was soaked, exhausted and happy when she came in from gallivanting.
Aunt Janet and I weren't soaked or exhausted but we were happy when mom informed us that it wasn't until she got inside from their rain soaked adventure that she realized she'd been gallivanting around the neighborhood with her pants unzipped.

For those of you wondering how I became so classy, I think you just found your answer.


Sue said...

Haha, zipper. Addison is sooooo cute in her raincoat and boots! I'm glad to know you haven't been hiding, and I look forward to all these coming stories.

ck said...

hahahahaha! That is so funny.

(I mean, because it didn't happen to me. This time, anyway.)