Wednesday, June 3, 2009

UP and OUT

Today we worked out and then headed home.
As usual, Addie dozed off in the car. Only, not as usual, she decided that the 15 minute drive home was her nap for the day.

After a two hour battle of the wills (Addison 1, Mommy 0) I gave up on her getting a real nap. Instead we headed off to see the move UP with Genna, Elise and Aunt Sue.

I give it a thumbs up - super cute and creative and silly and sweet. I also give Addie a thumbs up. She sat on my lap the entire time and paid pretty good attention. We had to leave the theater when the villain was headed toward his inevitable demise...she got too nervous and scared and a few tears escaped. We returned to catch the end and clap. Overall, it was fabulous outing.

We topped off our movie date with a few bites of Mexican food as an early dinner and then headed home. About 500 yards down the road from the restaurant Addie was snoring.

I have brought her in, she is asleep in the living room in her toy corner and has not at all noticed the TV on, the phone ringing, the dishwasher being loaded.

I woke up worried this would be a long day, and it was. Now I am a bit nervous that it may be a long night as well. Uh oh.


Kathy said...

Good times!!! I'm proud of both of you!zatative

Kathy said...

I have no idea why the magic word is at the end!!!

Sue said...

Methinks I've seen that pass-out pose before, perhaps by one of her parents... ?

Christie said...

Or wasn't Sean in that pose at your house in October? Let's see if we can get him to do it again :)

ck said...

That is the cutest photograph. I wish I still slept like that!