Friday, July 3, 2009


It was a little cool this morning so I, foolishly, thought I should run to the basement and grab Addie a pair of socks before dropping her off at the neighbor's so I could do what I had to do.
I, foolishly, thought I could leave her unattended for 37 seconds.

What I did not think about was the lip gloss compact that I had left on the kitchen table.
I know, like I even ever take the time to smear lip gloss on. Geeze.

And don't you even be fooled by those tears...this is drama perfected.

And yes, it's 1:15 p.m. And yes, I am sipping a glass of white wine.

And no, you may not judge me. It's just been that kind of day.


Kathy said...

PREEEETTTTY! I do think I have a picture of you with way more lipstick on your face...only i think you are laughing!!

ck said...

Pass me the bottle, baby. I've had one of those days too...

Regis said...

At any rate, I liked some of the vadlo evolution Cartoons!