Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just a spoonful of sugar

One downside to vacation? A sick toddler. Another downside? Two sick toddlers.

Both Evan and Addison managed to run fevers (better moms could tell you what the temps were, but the moms on duty at the beach forgot to pack thermometers) at separate times.

Evan overcame his with tons of cuddling, a half day nap, and some Tylenol.

Addie over came hers with tons of cuddling, a bit of whining, some sporadic napping, Tylenol and ICECREAM!

Mmmmm, Leaky Tiki, thanks for working your magic.


Toolio said...

Leaky Tiki! You are now just trying to make Michelle jealous!

Mich said...


BUT I am glad that the Leaky Tiki could help out your kiddo.

Gibby said...

It never fails...my kids get sick on vacations and at holidays. Murphy's Law!
Glad everyone is feeling better.