Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good taste

I often find myself trying to track Addison's quirks and traits back to Andy or I.

Her dramatics? Uh, Me.

The fact that she taps her big toe independently of her foot? Definitely him.

Her love of the colors orange and purple? Me again.

The endless hours of sleep that she can accumulate? That would be him again.

I try to be careful to not take all her quirks and make them ours. There are things that are uniquely and wholly her. She loves to dance. She believes that all food is better if dipped in a sauce (her latest creation - scrambled eggs dipped in grape jelly). She adores the outside and just about every animal on the earth. She has an amazing memory for names and faces. She is truly her own person.

But that doesn't mean we aren't influential.

On our way home from the beach, she chowed down on sushi. She ate rolls, maki, and pickled ginger. She loved it all and kept asking for more "fishie", showing no interest in my chicken stir-fry. The love of sushi? That's him.

The night we got home we ordered in a pizza. Our family staple is a pepperoni pizza with half green pepper (me) and half sausage (him). He dips his in ranch, I dot mine with yellow mustard. Yes, you read that right, yellow mustard and pizza - delish! She helped herself to some pepperoni/sausage pizza and then requested some yellow mustard. Her culinary good taste? That must be me.

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ck said...

I've always thought the taste of things things generally improved with the addition of mustard. I've never considered putting it on pizza, though.