Friday, August 14, 2009

It's hard to tell whether summer is coming to an end or just starting here in southwest Ohio. It has been an incredibly mild few months, and now that the temperatures are hovering near the high 80s we are a bit confused about what is going on.
In the past week or two I have found myself questioning whether the air conditioning has been working. I have been sweating while folding laundry and doing craft projects. Therefore, vacuuming and mopping are totally out of the question (at least that's what I say).

Last Sunday while Addie and Ry played in the blow-up pool, Rick, Andy and I had the genius idea of putting the hose nozzel on mist, propping it up on a table aimed at us.

Fabulous. Refreshing. Downright lovely.

Lounging in the sun, drinking beer, talking about dinner.


In the words of Rick (or Andy, seriously, what would I know, I had consumed two beers), our backyard was like "Vegas, but without the sl**ty chicks".

Perfection, in my eyes (beyond a backyard water mister) is summer grilling, and luckily for me, I married a grill master. Yes, I dubbed him that, but so have most of his family and 99 percent of our friends. Grilled pork tenderloin. Grilled shrimp. Grilled Smitty potatoes. He's grilled a frozen pizza and hot wings and peaches. He's grilled juicy burgers, and brats, and metts, and turds (0nly our turds also have pulled-freaking-pork). He truly makes outdoor cooking and eating AWESOME.

He was away again the last few days, but made up for it tonight by grilling tri-tips to go with our corn and salad. And last Sunday, after sitting in the mist and sweating during croquet, he grilled another perfect dinner: Citrus dill/mint chicken and zucchini salad. Yum, husband, yum.

I love the grill, Addie loves the grill, and more importantly, we live with a griller. We have plans the next two nights for dinner, but come Sunday that Webber better ready to work.

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Gibby said...

Marrying a grill master is GENIUS. Looks delicious!