Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I've been playing with that snazzy camera of mine, which I am still far from having figured out, but am falling more in love with. I am amazed at the small moments I have been able to freeze. Yes, there have been thousands of mis-shots. I have hit that erase button few thousand times. But somewhere, in all my fumbling, I have caught a moment or two of sweetness. And silliness. And tenderness. These are two of my favorites from last week:

***Addison was standing in the kitchen, naked but for a diaper, wanting to play with the dirty dishes in the sink. (Oh my god, dirty dishes in my sink? Unfathomable).
I had told her no at least a dozen time and I was frustrated and she was frustrated. I have noticed in the past few weeks when she is uncomfortable or upset or frustrated then something is in her mouth - giraffe, her thumb, her fingers. It is driving me batty, and I have been unable to break her of the habit. But here she is frustrated and trying to not get mad and relying on her thumb to make it all better.
***For the first two weeks of this month Andy was on the road. He travelled to Massachusetts, to Chicago, back to Massachusetts and finally home. While he was gone Addie started stringing together words and making sense. She started to sing Hakuna Matata and the theme to Elmo's World. She became even more loving and affectionate, kissing and hugging and cuddling. She asked about her Daddy every day and really was missing her biggest playmate. I told her that he was coming home on Friday and this is how she spent most of her afternoon, not knowing we were going to pick him up from the airport. Every once in awhile she would shout his name out the window and then look at me questioningly. It simultaneously broke my heart and made me mushy.


Christie said...

I know being raised by a dental hygienist, it makes you frustrated that your daughter puts fingers in her mouth. Know that its her attempting to self-soothe and is a GOOD thing!

Christie said...

PS: Nice job Annie Leibovitz!

Mich said...

I love the small little moments....and I love your new camera so that you can capture those moments and share them with us.

ck said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL photographs.