Thursday, September 24, 2009

Putting junk in the trunk

When Addie was a newborn I went through nursing hell, because I was convinced it was best for her. When she moved on to solid food I decided to make my own. I pureed mangoes, avocados, spinach, broccoli.
Ick, I even pureed chicken.
I had decided since I was home I could afford to spend the time giving her a good nutritional foundation. That doesn't mean we didn't slip here and there - while she ate her smashed bananas and avocado, she also snuck in sips of chocolate shake, bites of rainbow sherbert and a Dorito or two. Overall, however, she was a baby who know much of healthy food and little of snacky junk food.

As she has turned into a toddler that standard has been harder to maintain. She appears to have a palate, as well as an opinion. She'll scarf down asparagus, flank steak, mushrooms, cheese and peas. She still turns her nose up at green beans and broccoli. Now, however, she has also discovered the pure joy of processed, less healthy food. Mmmmm, goldfishies. Mmmm, animal crackers. Mmmmm, Nutrigrain bars. Mmmmm, macaroni and cheese. Mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmm pepperoni.

But her latest food jag has been based around two wonderfully nutritious products: hot dogs and pizza (or as she says peacepah). She can't get enough of either.

Addie, what would you like for breakfast? Ahhh, hot daawg?
No, that's not breakfast food. Would you like eggs? Mmmmm, peacepah? Ya, peacepah.
*Repeat this conversation four times for each prepared meal*

I manage to shove some eggs or yogurt into her at breakfast, but most lunches and dinners have been including a hot dog or a piece of pizza. And when she's done inhaling her junk, she begs for our shrimp or asparagus or chicken. But, seriously, when push comes to shove, give her some hot dog, a squeeze or two of ketchup and mustard, and damn, she's beyond content.

I have to go make her eggs and sausage before school, but trust me, she just told me twice that she would like a hot dog.


Christie said...

A girl after my own heart :)

Kate C. said...

Breakfast of champions!

TKW said...

Obviously, I feel her pain. Take heart, my dear...I have it on good authority that Jag Eaters have very good brains.

Gibby said...

LOL, it does seem like a losing battle, doesn't it? But hot dogs, pizza...yum. I can't say I blame her!

ck said...

At least she gives you a few things to pick from. Right now my almost 2 year-old, my once fantastic eater will only eat goldfish. That's all she wants. Ever. "Beesh? Beesh?"