Monday, September 14, 2009

What's going on

One more wedding down.
Liver failing? Indeed.
Three weekends in a row away from home, check.
Still coughing, sniffling and feeling like poo-poo-ca-choo - yeppers.

But enough about me, let's talk about her.

She loved school. When I picked her up we went to Steak n' Shake to share a milkshake and she said to me, eyes wide, More school, Mama? Pweeese.

She dropped us off at the airport for our kidless weekend and she said Buhbye Mommy. No tears, no please stay. Just a buhbye and a look of excitement as she leaves to spend a day with the Genna.

She had a great weekend with Grandma - she went to story time, played with Rylan, and snuggled in Grandma's bed.

And, as of today, that cough and sniffle she had? Those occasionally feverish eyes and the weird bumps that showed up on her arms and legs? That, all of that, turns out to be walking pneumonia.
Please feel free to nominate me for the Mother of the Year award. Not only did I let my daughter walk around for a week with pneumonia, but I went away for a weekend while she was sick. Maybe tomorrow to assure that I receive the MOY award I'll let her play with steak knives and lick the electrical sockets.

And in case you are wondering what a two year old with walking pneumonia looks like, here you go:


Kathy said...

OH, She LOOKS sick~~~yep, right at death's door!!! Looks like she could possibly develop running, hopping and skipping pneumonia!

jillian said...

She looks better than I do and all I did was spend the weekend with you! If thats what walking pneumonia looks like, I want some!