Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A new spin to the Daddy - Daughter date

He's held her hand through a lot of things. Through immunizations. On the merry-go-round. As she learned to walk. In the crashing surf of the Atlantic.
She knows her Daddy is there for her.

Even if there is Buffalo Wild Wings and what she needs is to pee.

On the potty.

And they are on a Daddy - Daughter date.

She still knew he'd hold her hand and walk her to the potty.
Even if the potty was the Men's Room.
And she knew he'd high five her when we was all done.
Even if her hands weren't washed*.

Lucky girl to have such a Daddy.
*Upon arriving home they were scrubbed and then her "pee pee on the potty" treat was given out.


Kathy said...


The things we do for love.So proud of Daddy!!!!
A little decontamination unit is in order.

Gibby said...

The things dads will do for their daughters!

That pic is adorable.

Toolio said...

I am so glad he is paving the way for me!

Michaela said...

Smitty and Neyer are wired so similarly. Whenever Mike and Connor have a "boys night" it inevitably involves Buffalo Wild Wings. BTW, LOVED your Christmas card!

Mich said...

Funny - Andy and Samantha's dates are usually at the Purple Otter. The men's bathroom there is vile....great.

TKW said...

I am so proud of both of them!! Now *that* is love!