Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow = Ok. Cold = Not Ok.

Today is a snow day in Cincinnati. Every school is closed - private, public, pre.
Mind you, I could see my lawn when we rolled out of bed at 8 a.m. and Addie and I had no problem driving to Target for a quick shopping trip.
But here, in the land of the 'Nati, the very threat of snow can bring everything to a halt. My mother refers to us a southern Ohio wimps, I am beginning to agree with her.
Snow doesn't really bother me. I think it's pretty. Making snowmen and going sledding is fun. Shoveling isn't the worst task in the world. Being "snowed in" is a great excuse to watch movies, organize, clean house, finally get the laundry done and cook. I might even accomplish some of that today on this pathetic snow day. Might.

It's probably true that I am becoming a southern Ohio wimp, but overall I can handle the cold weather. It's supposed to be cold in January.
In Ohio.
In Florida? Um, no.

This brings me to our post-Christmas get away to Destin.
This fall at a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser Andy and I bid, with friends, on an ocean front condo for a week. We "won" and decided we were going to take off for warmer endeavors after the holidays.

Shortly after planning our trip, our friends found out that they were pregnant their second child and that the trip was scheduled for the third trimester - needless to say they gracefully bowed out. Which was no big deal, Andy's sister and mother were happy to take their place (hello, Aunt Nanny, er, Nikki on vacation = built in babysitter!!).
So we packed the car and pointed south.
Twelve hours south.
Twelve hours south in car with a two year old.

We had heard stories from last year about happy hours on the beach that started at 3. We had heard about lounging by the heated pool in a swimsuit and cover up. We had heard about shrimp baskets and shopping and warm Florida sunshine.

Sadly, we only got to hear about those things.

When we arrived we quickly discovered that the restaurant on the beach that had 3 p.m. happy hour had burnt down.
The heater for the pool was broken.
The sales at the outlets were mediocre at best, there was barely any damn sunshine, and it sure wasn't warm!
Okay, to be fair, one day the thermometer hit 60. That was the day that Andy and Nikki plunged into the Gulf (more on that later) and we realized a small tiki bar was open on the beach.

Addie at the tikki bar in a bathing suit and sweater. Notice the patrons behind her are wearing boots.

We were treated to a few beautiful sunsets. We played a ton of Taboo and drank pots of Millionaire Coffee. We ate our fair share of seafood and even braved the hot tub and pool once. Well, I braved the hot tub, foolish Nikki, Andy and Addie braved the unheated pool.

I'll take temperatures in the 30s in Ohio and I won't complain. But in Florida? Well, that just made me grumpy.

Enjoying the sunset with our sweatshirts can't see it, but Addie has on her winter coat and mittens. Geeesh.


Mich said...

that is a pretty sunset - even if everyone is in sweatshirts :-(

Cold weather sucks...and it sucks a whole lot more in FL!

ck said...

Oh man, that sucks! At least you were with a bunch of awesome people. :)