Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Somehow, even as a stay at home mom, I still feel the magic of three day weekends. Usually it means that I can be more leisurely on Sunday - maybe have a mimosa and watch bad movies on TBS and go to bed knowing that the alarm clock won't be going off in the morning. And these days it usually also means that we might have visitors.

This three day weekend (a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Martin Luther King Jr.) was jam packed, mostly with laughter. Our friends from Chicago came to play - Andy and I have known Berto since freshman year and Keelin and I walked through the fire together at a south side Chicago elementary school. Most of the weekend was spent indoors, playing games, laughing, telling stories, inhaling wine. At least that's what the grown ups did - Addie fell in love all over again.

She called him my Berto. She snuggled with him. She gazed at him adoringly. They read stories about the potty. They had tea parties. He gladly wore the beads she adorned him with. They mirror danced. She pretended he was her pony and took a ride around the house. He put her to bed and she wanted to see him as soon as she woke up.

We sat back and sipped wine while watching Addie and her Chicago 'manny' reconnect and become smitten. We discovered that if Keelin and Berto ever decide to have children, they better have boys, because that man has an inability to say no to pretty ladies.

After they left I was tidying up - putting games away, cleaning counters, slamming magnets back on the door when I looked up and saw this:
I am pretty sure Berto did it, but I know Addie believes it.


Sunday was all about Aunt Kelly.

Aunt Kelly is Uncle Brian's fiance. Somehow last July he tricked her into agreeing to marry him. The dresses have been bought, the reception site has been reserved, and the showers have begun. Nikki and Kim hosted a shower Sunday afternoon, replete with mimosas. Before going Andy and I had to explain to Addie that the party was for Kelly and all the gifts were for Kelly. All of them. None for Addie.

She handled that news better than we expected and behaved, for the most part, beautifully.

Kelly was a great sport playing a quiz game about her and Brian's relationship. Kim had videotaped Brian's responses and any time that Kelly's and Brian's answers didn't match Kelly had to put piece of Bubble Yum in her mouth - my jaw hurt watching her.

The wedding day count day has officially begun...88 more days to go!


Monday was wonderful in a totally different way. My darling husband, who had the day off, went with me to Ikea to fulfill a promise. He wandered the store with me and looked at their ideas. And we left with what we had gone in for - new dressers for our bedroom.

He then spent the next many hours assembling the dressers, and for extra good measure, he even had Addie help him on the last one while I sat on the couch.

I sat on the couch while he worked diligently and entertained a 2-and-a-half-year-old . If that is not a gesture of true love, then I am not sure what is.

Pictures of our newly prettified room to follow - eventually.


Mich said...

What is going to happen when Toolio comes to visit next weekend? How will Addie handle more than one man?

Jessica said...

I am afraid that she and Tool may be OVER.

Gibby said...

That sounds like such a fun weekend!!

Toolio said...

Oh no!!!!!!!!!