Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scribble Monster

She loves to create. To scribble, color, paint.

She thinks glue and glitter and scissors and play dough are gifts from the gods.

When she paints she is oh so precise. She steps back from her easel and looks at the big picture and then adds more. She thoughtfully chooses her paints. She loves green, orange and blue together. She thinks purple, red and yellow make a statement. She smears and layers and creates.

Her markers and crayons create colorful chaos on paper after paper. Scenes of water and kitties and gorillas and boats - at least that's what she tells me. I usually see lopsided circles, squiggles and lines. Beautiful lopsided circles, squiggles and lines, nonetheless.

I take those endless, wonderful creations and hang them up. Her first finger paintings are in our basement, framed. Her favorite glue and sand project is a self in Daddy's office, right next to her first watercolor painting. Her creations from school and story time hang for a bit on a wall - adding a little color and fun to our horrifically bland kitchen and making me smile.

Last night she drew Andy a picture. She said it was piggy toes - he could see it and told her good job. Then she snatched her drawing stating it needed eyes. After a few minutes of concentrated drawing she proudly brought it back and said "See Daddy! Monster!"

And there it was...a monster. Not a scribble. Not a lopsided circle.

A perfect, beautiful monster.


Kathy said...

Absolutely perrrrrrfect! Total untapped talent!

Nikki said...

Hey! That monster looks a lot like uncle Brian! No never mind. Its too pretty.

Sue said...

She has the gift!! I am so proud.

Mich said...

I want to frame some of Sam's finger paintings and Andy told me I am loco - BUT now, reading that you did it - I am going to as well. And Andy will just have to deal.