Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's to Come?

Sometimes I try to imagine what Addison will be like when she's grown.

Will she be tall and willowy like her Aunt Nikki?
Will she feisty and funny like her Aunt Kimmie?
Will she have an inappropriate sense of humor and laughter that fills the room like Uncle Jeaf?
Maybe loud and silly like Uncle Brian?
Will she be a computer whiz like her Uncles Kevin and Quinn?
An organizer like her Aunt Kelly?
Will she be level headed like her daddy or moody like me?
Will she have her grandmothers' kindness or her papas' goofiness?

With any luck she'll have a little bit of each of them. But with way things are looking right now, it seems that she may have more than a bit of my baby cousin in her.

Already Addie is showing quite a disposition of sassiness, just like Jill..

She needs explicit directions to get things done, just like Jill.
I can't say Addie go put on your socks and shoes. Instead I have to give her one step instructions. Go get your shoes and socks. Put on your socks. Put on your shoes. No, sweetie, your socks and then your shoes.
I've recently learned if I rub or scratch her back she'll get still, and better yet, quiet. Just like Jill.

They both make me laugh. They both make me smile. And they both, definitely, march to their own beat.
And they seem to have the same sense of style.

Happy Birthday Jillian Stew. To quote your mother "Welcome to your 25th year".


Gibby said...

How cute are those pics? Looks like you know what's in your future!

jillian said...

I will proudly teach her the ways of the world for sassy girls like us. And will wear tutus with her for far longer than society will accept. And we will laugh at all the silly looks we get.

~Laura said...

Those pictures are great! Jill looks like she is a lot of fun. Happy Birthday!