Friday, June 25, 2010

Princess and the Pink Eye

At the beginning of this week Addie headed off to 'Pretty as a Princess' dance camp. I stumbled across it online and knew this would be a perfect. Each day this week, from 9 to 12, Addie went to camp and learn some new dance moves, did crafts, played and generally got worn out.

On Monday she came home with painted nails, a belly full of cupcake and prancing on her tippy toes with her hands above her head. Monday was Cinderella day at camp.
On Tuesday she stayed home with a mild cough and a fever. She cried - she wanted to go to camp and dance. Thank god she didn't know that the day she missed was Belle - complete with a tea party and tea pot picture frame.
On Wednesday she trotted off to camp with Mancub (her giraffe lovey) under one arm and her princess pjs proudly on. Wednesday was Sleeping Beauty day - stories were read, dancing was done and she came home with a purple tiaria and knowing how to rest her cheek sweetly on her clasped together hands.
On Thursday off she went in her sparkly butterfly bathing suit and beach towel. It was Ariel day - they played water games and twirled. She got a flower lei and ate a popsicle. When she came home she did the Chicken Dance...and looked exhausted.

Her eyes were runny. Her nose was runny. Her cough was barking. She was a not a pretty princess. That afternoon her heart got smashed in two when our pediatrician informed us she had pink eye and a double ear infection (and now 17 other little princesses do too, in another stellar mommy moment for me).
She was icky and contagious...and not allowed to go to camp for the grand finale, or in Addie's words "the big dance". She pouted. And stomped her foot. And cried.

I hugged her and filled prescriptions and tried not to cry too.

Even though she missed the big dance at camp that did not keep her from performing. At noon today, decked out in princess paraphenalia, she danced for me, Grandma Patty and Aunt Nikki. Cinderella, Aurora and Ariel provided the music and Addie provided the moves.

It looks like she learned a thing or two in those three days of princess-y dancing - but I'll let her show you:


Toolio said...

Nice dancing!

jillian said...

This is exactly how I dance too. She makes me proud!

Kathy said...

Such a princess!!!! Nice job Addie!

Aunt Janet said...


Kate C. said...

I am so proud of Addie. But I am so sad she missed some of the camp and the big performance. I can't wait for her next recital!!

ck said...

Pink eye AND a double ear infection AND missing the last day of camp? I would've cried too!

(And pink eye? Gross. The first time I saw it was when I picked my two year old up out of a crib and she was trying to peel her swollen eyes open. So, so gross.)