Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am Thankful for:

Making it to my 33rd birthday - a little wiser, little more patient, a little
softer around the edges.

Having a husband who brings me roses, surprises me with thoughtful gifts and understands how much I love wine and reading.

An early morning run without humidity.

Mechanical pencils - they make the calendar look so precise and neat.

Book suggestions from friends - especially when the books are engrossing.

IKEA and my new duvet and pillows. Hello pretty bedroom, I heart you.

A weekend without plans...I cannot even recall the last time I was blessed by one.

Iced coffee in an orange to go cup with a straw.

Puppy piling in a king sized beds with three of my dearest friends.

Unexpected phone calls.

Little girls' laughter during a long overdue play date.

And a picture of Addie hula hooping.