Monday, February 14, 2011

My Little Valentine

Valentine's Day is a non-holiday for Andy and I, in fact I think that we've spent more a part than we have together. Sure I have a nice dinner planned for tonight and I might even shower and change out of my work out gear, but in general Valentine's Day ain't no big thang to us.

But a certain three year old thinks it's awesome. She spent the day yesterday decorating heart shaped cards for her classmates and repeatedly writing her name. Today she brought lollipops and heart stickers to her exercise buddies. I have been told I love you, Mama more times than I can count.

What did I expect? This is a day devoted entirely to her favorite shape after all...

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Gibby said...

Precious! My girls love V-day, too, and I'm pretty sure that they have no idea it is a holiday for lovers and not another one for kids, LOL!