Monday, September 12, 2011

Relaxing with the Reuters

She may have looked terrified:
But trust me, she loved every second of it:

 This weekend was filled with giggles and silliness - Addie's buddy "baby" Sam came to visit and the girls did a lot of giggling and playing, a tiny bit of napping and some carnival ride riding at Oktoberfest.  Sam didn't love the roller coaster, but the Ferris Wheel, cars and Merry Go Round were a hit.
Little Ferris Wheel Riders - they just kept going around and around

Silly willies on the Merry Go Round

Addie showing off Andy & Tool's favorite part of Oktoberfest
Enjoying the Ride
Giving the pony some loving
Mine and Michelle's favorite part of Oktoberfest
(the fried Snickers was a close 2nd for me)

The gentlemen enjoyed some plastic steins of good German beer, we all partook in some incredibly fried food (mmmm, sauerkraut balls) and the people watching could not be beat.  After a back yard fire pit Saturday night, Michelle and I turned in early (aaahhh, pregnancy), while the boys continued to play for few more hours. 
Sadly on Sunday our playmates had to head back to Chicago - but not before two sweet little princesses made crowns together and gave each other a dozen hugs.
It's amazing to see these little girls grow...isn't it?
In Chicago August 2009
In Cincinnati 2011

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Mich said...

Great pics from a great weekend. Thanks for putting us up!

Love the one of the ladies in their crowns!