Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am Thankful for:

A dinner, enjoyed at the kitchen table, with Andy last night.  After a very busy day, Addie passed out at 6:30 and slept for over 12 hours.  Andy and I got to sit and talk without bribing a little one to eat or provide a constant reminder to use manners.

Trips to the zoo and Skyline with her buddies - it was loud and chaotic, but it made her happy.  It also directly contributed to the 12 plus hours of slumber.

An afternoon to myself on Monday spent watching The Help and eating Massaman Curry.  Even though I have been incredibly spoiled with vacations this year I haven't had much time to truly call my own and those four hours were not only appreciated but needed.

Emails from dear friends who are far away.  In the daily grind and rush of life it is too easy to forget to stay connected to those you love and getting an email first thing in the morning from one of your oldest friends is the perfect way to start the day.

Buckling down and cleaning/organizing the mudroom closet, front hall closet and junk drawer.  The state of my drawers, closets and home always directly correlates to the the state of my brain.  If the house is disorganized and a mess, usually so am I.  Let the nesting begin.

Our well loved leather couch - it is where I have to run away to in the middle of the night when I can't sleep.  I spent many nights on it when I was pregnant with Addie and in her early weeks, and it appears as though that pattern is repeating itself.

The health and safety of my family and friends who were in the path of Hurricane Irene.  Somehow my hometown was largely spared, even though there was devastation all around it.

My birthday gifts from Addie and Andy - the Keurig coffee maker is a dream, the coffee is so good I almost forget that it is decaf.  Starting next Wednesday I have a weekly photography class two hours a week for the month of September - two hours to myself a week, priceless!

The promise of some relative quiet over the next few weeks and months before our world is rocked yet again.

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Mich said...

Couches are the best.