Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:

Getting a second quote on replacing the blower motor in our furnance - quote number two was over a hundred dollars less.  Am I thankful about having to replace the blower in my furnance? Not in the slightest.

Wednesday nights in September.  Andy and Addie enrolled me in a photography class for the month to help me get more use out of my fancy camera.  In the two hours that I was there last night I feel like I already have a better grasp of how to better use it.  Also - HELLO, two hours to myself every week, yes please!

My mother being okay after getting in a car accident yesterday.  Apparently she was stopped in traffic and the woman behind her didn't feel it was necessary to stop - the car has quite a boo boo, but Gramma is okay.

My four year old who this side of two months ago was being a relentless diva and lately has been an amazing angel.  She's been full of pleases and thank yous and Yes, Mamas.  She has wanted to snuggle and read story and play games and her tantrum have been few and far between - I just jinxed myself didn't I?

Strawberry Apple Bread.  Yesterday Addie and I were supposed to make banana bread, but apparently our bananas were beyond rotten and thrown away Tuesday night.  We improvised and made some pretty tasty strawberry apple bread - it's like the perfect mix of summer and fall.

Being productive around the house - I have managed to change all the burnt out light bulbs, wash the downstairs windows, do laundry and wipe tiny finger prints off our cabinets, doors, door jambs and light switches.  Nesting perhaps?

Weekend visitors - Tool, Michelle and Baby Sam will be here tomorrow.  Addie and I have decided that now that Sam is two and a half we probably have to stop calling her baby Sam.  Andy and I are excited to have playmates, but Addie is ecstatic.

A week of cooler temperatures.  This has directly translated into me getting a bit more sleep.  Now instead of waking up four times a night and eventually moving to the couch, I have only woken up once or twice and forced myself back to sleep.  Turns out I am a much nicer person when sleep.

Meet the teacher day.  Today Addie headed to preschool to meet her new teacher, Miss Cathy.  She bounded out of bed this morning at 7:20 asking if she could pick out an outfit for her "special day".  She chose one of her cute new outfits from our trip to see Gramma Kathy - but told me she wasn't sure it would fit because it was a size five and she wasn't sure she was "she'd be big enough to wear it".  Oh, little girl, it'll fit - you're growing like a weed.

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Mich said...

It's ok, Sam will always be Baby Sam.

thank goodness your mom is a-ok!