Friday, October 21, 2011

Thankful on a Friday with a Photo

Early on a Friday morning I am thankful for:

My Thursday.  It was cold and rainy but relaxing and wonderful.  For Mother's Day Andy and Addie had the foresight to buy me a prenatal massage, which I cashed in on yesterday morning while Addie was at school.  So wonderful

After my massage I couldn't go straight home - because the cleaning ladies were there.  I actually spoke this sentence to my girlfriend, Kate:  "I just finished with a massage, but now I am going  shopping because the cleaning ladies are at my house."  And then I laughed out loud at how fabulously spoiled it sounded.  That really is no way a snapshot of my life, but it sure was fun to live it yesterday.  Then instead of heading straight to shopping I had an impromptu lunch with my handsome husband.  So lovely.

Finding a six foot long mirror at a ridiculously good price.  We took the down the three large pieces of "art" in our family to add them to our repainted basement and the enormous family room wall has looked rather naked over the past few weeks.  Now it has a huge mirror on it and today I am going to bargain hunt for a sconce or two.  So well priced.

My, Addie and Nicholas' trip to the pumpkin patch on Monday.  The weather was perfectly autumn - crisp blue skies, gentle wind, cold enough to need a light fleece.  They played and smiled and I sat and watched.  So sweet.

Being one week closer to meeting Baby.  My belly is constantly shape shifting and there is no denying that she is getting positioned to make her grand entrance.  I am up at 6 a.m. because she's been up since 4:30 - might as well keep her happy and enjoy a few moments of sweet silence, as I think I am going to be rather short on silence and solitude in the coming weeks.  So much anticipation.

My very clean house.  The bathrooms and kitchen alone make the price of a cleaning lady worth it.  I promise not to get used to this arrangement, it's only to get me through the last moments of pregnancy and first moments of mothering two, but I will enjoy it.  So sparkling clean.

A planned lunch date with Kate, the possibility of baking Funfetti with Addie, an XU evening of fun with the family tomorrow and an hour or so sitting in my chair with my cup of decaf this morning.  So relaxing.

Earlier this week I tried to do a self "portrait" of 35 week pregnant me but was unable to get any kind of decent angle using the timer.  Instead snapped a picture of me and my mini me that I am positive 10 years from now, when she's telling me she hates me and that I don't know anything, I'll look back on and remember that at one point in time she loved me more than chocolate.  Okay, as much as chocolate.

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Sue said...

Darling photo, and a lovely written post.