Monday, January 16, 2012

Ringing in 2012

Last year's New Year Eve was chaos at our house - cases of champagne, bowls of punch, mad Minute to Win It competitions.  There was a  broken chair, red wine spilt on the family room floor, two dozen cream cheese based snacks.  There were many hangovers chased away by New Year's Day drinking

This year we only had two house guests. There was one bottle of champagne, talk of punch but no actual punch, a few rounds of Pretty as a Princess and CandyLand.  I am pretty sure there weren't even hangovers.

There was a lot of game playing, TV watching and snickerdoodle eating.  On New Year's Day there was also a dusting of snow...which may have been Addie's favorite thing of the year's start. 

While I loved the festivities that ushered in 2011, the quietness of ringing in 2012 was fabulous.  It was great to be with my girls, to be with wonderful friends and to not have to scrape champagne off the ceiling.
I didn't bother to make actual resolutions - I almost never follow through on them anyway.  Instead I have some suggestions to myself.

  • I would like to remember that these days of tiny shoes, diapers and "play with me, mommy" are numbered.  They may be exhausting days, but they are fleeting and precious.
  • I would like to remember that I do not have any house elves, but I do have a helpful husband and a four year old you can lend a hand, and when I need or want help I should ask.
  • I would like to get off the couch and off the computer more often - whether it's heading to exercise, going for a walk or playing on the floor.  It's important to be an active participant in my life.
  • I would like to do more to make my home my own, personalized and comfortable, lived in and warm, organized and functional.
  • I would like to try more recipes and learn to cook something well other than chicken.
  • I would like to be more present in my life and more patient with those around me.  This year instead of focusing on all the  little details I will, instead, worry about the broad least until I get all caught up in the details.

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Kathy said...

such a big girl....and pretty darned proud of herself!