Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Months....

In order to not completely fail as a mother, this time at Brenna's check up I took notes.  She's doing pretty well for a brand new person.  She's meeting all the milestones - tracking with her eyes, smiles, coos and aaahhs.  Her neck is strong - although the doctor is concerned that she might have a tight muscle on one side and now in addition to to tummy time I have to do daily neck "exercises" her, she is not thrilled at the idea.  Then again neither am I.  And neither of us were very excited about the two shots she got today!

Her two month report card is:
Height:  22.5 inches/55th percentile
Weight:  10 lbs 6 oz/36th percentile
Head:  16 inches/89th percentile

I keep saying that I think Miss Brenna takes after my body type and Addie takes after Andy's.  At two months old Addie was a full inch taller than Brenna, but weighed 9 ounces less - she really was quite the spider monkey.  The doctor wants to continue to supplement Brenna four ounces of formula a day and we'll head back next month for a weight check...but no more shots until March, thankfully.

This pictures were taken, of course,  before Brenna had her horrible, mean shots.  Mornings are her best time of days lately - she is full of smiles and coos.  That sweet face and sounds are even more adorable after she has slept for 7.5 hours straight like she did last night.  High Five Brenna Bear, High Five!


Mich said...

Great report card Brenna (and mom!)!

2 months? Dang.

Sue said...

ADORABLE! Look at that little tongue, so cute!