Friday, February 17, 2012

Something New

So I am monkeying around with this happy little blog.  I thought it needed a little updating...What do you think?   Keep? Revert?  I don't know yet.

It occurred to me that Brenna will be three months old next week...perhaps it was time to incorporate her into the blog's name? 
Like I said earlier this week, coherent thoughts are not my strong suit these days, apparently creativity is not either - Have a better name for our blog?  I am open for suggestions.

I was up at 5:30 this morning feeding the littlest lady and I should have brewed myself a cup of coffee, started some laundry and sat down to write while the house was quiet.  Instead I was was lured back to my big, fluffy pillow and the warmth of our down comforter for another hour and a half.  And now, here I am trying to write again as Abby Cadabby tries to capture a rogue pair of dancing shoes and Addie munches on an English Muffin she made for herself.  I am starting to here squeaks from the baby monitor and the moment to jot down a thought is gone.

That being said I keep a running idea of blog posts on my phone...perhaps while Gramma is here to entertain the natives I will be able to get some of them over here.
Ambitious, I know.


Mich said...

I kind of LOVE the new name. You are clever.

Keelin said...

How does Andy feel about it being a family of three, not four? :) I love the name too...Just keep putting pictures of those beautiful girls of yours and I will love your blog no matter what you name it!

Kate C. said...

Great name and I love the new format! I like that I can chose how I spy on your family. So far my favorite view is the flip book (like on my iPad) but that means you need to add pics everytime :-)

JayJohnson said...

Big thumbs up on the new format. I can't believe how big those girls are getting. Can't wait to meet this Baby B in June!