Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Being Four

I know I complained about two.  I definitely griped about three.  But, hot damn, four has been a totally different adventure in itself.

Four is temperamental.  And by temperamental I mean down right schizophrenic.  Tears become laughter, laughter often devolves into tears.  There are sweet smiles, tender hugs and massive amounts of foot stomping and huffing.  With Four, you navigate a maze of pouts and demands, sometimes making a wrong turn and ending up in the corridor of insolence, on occasion the right path is chosen and you are rewarded with warms smiles and happiness.

Four is wildly independent, until she's not - then Four is ridiculously needy and unsure.  Sometimes Four can make her own bed, get dressed and put peanut butter on a bagel.  Other times, Four can't pick up her room, put on socks or peel a banana.  Four loves school and learning, and loves it even more if you are the parent helper.  Four can snuggle up in her bed and read stories to her baby dolls, but Four also says she's scared of the dark, that noise, and the possibility of a rat sneaking into her room.

Four is creative.  She is full of ideas and stories and make believe lands.  Four likes to glue and cut and color.  Four likes to do crafts, play dolls, make believe, have fashion shows and dance.  Four does not like it if you don't glue, cut, color, make believe, play exactly the way Four demands you to.

Four has opinions about everything.  Four will tell you what she thinks about the lunch you packed, the dinner you cooked, the music you're playing.  Four will compliment or criticize what you are wearing, your singing, your hair, your plans for the weekend.  Four likes ponytails better than pigtails, pink and purple more than any other color, skirts and dresses best of all.  Four will notice characteristics of strangers, in public, and comment loudly about them. 

Four is right.  You are wrong.  Period.

Four is defiant and difficult.  Four is loving and wonderful.  Four keeps you on your toes and has you exhausted by the end of the day.  Four is frustrating and rewarding and exhilarating and exhausting.

Four is a ballerina.  Four is a T-ball player.  Four is a big sister, a little girl, a best friend.  Four is a preschooler, a dictator, an observer.

Four can tie her own shoes.

And five?  Five is just around the corner.

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Kate C. said...

I can't wait for 5. I am so coming to that party. I've been practicing my pin the tail on the donkey mad skills. You are so lucky! What great girls!