Friday, March 23, 2012

One Third*

Yesterday, Brenna, you turned four months old.  Four months old is a world of difference from three months old.  By four months old life is no longer measured in weeks - it officially is counted in months now, until years become more important.  We don't go to the doctor until next week for your check up, but the chunk on your thighs has me feeling optimistic.

Brenna - you are becoming quite the vocal little lady.  Still you are not partial to oohs and aahs, instead preferring shrieks and loud guttural sounds.   You love talking - to me, to Dad, to Addie.  You tell tons of stories to your mobile, your monkey mirror, and whatever is hanging from your play mat.  You aren't so interested in talking to the cat, even though she often talks to you.
You are a baby on the go and have learned to go with the flow - you are pretty content in your car seat, and even now we use it to soothe you when you are super fussy.  You love sitting in your bouncy seat, particularly if buzzy bee or monkey are hanging from it - they are your favorite things to put in your mouth.  
These days you like everything to go in your mouth - burp cloths, bibs, toys, your hands, other people's fingers.  If I didn't know better I would swear you were cutting a tooth with the amount of drool that bubbles off your chin.
Last week you took your first big trip - we headed to Chicago to see Papa, meet baby Connor and hang out with friends.  You did great in the car until we hit six o'clock traffic in the city and then you lost your patience and loudly voiced your displeasure - I felt pretty much the same way. 
In the past month you have discovered your toes.  You love to grab at them and lure them to your mouth.  You have a much higher tolerance for tummy time and are grabbing at all the things on your play mat with intent.
You still wake up at  least once during the night - although the other night you were up four times, just to remind me who is in charge, I think.  You continue to give your Grandmas a hard time, but you are more generous with your smiles and giggles and quicker to pull yourself together than you were just a month ago.  You are very busy - your hands, feet and mouth seem to be in constant motion, I can't imagine what you will be like when you are mobile!
Every morning you wake up with a smile and have an unmatched enthusiasm for mornings.  I love watching you figure out the world and my heart swells with the sweetness that your big sister shows you. 

As I write this you are bouncing in the bouncy chair, sucking on buzzy bee, hanging on to your toes and chatting with your sister - and all is right in the world.

*I had to update this blog title (Quarter Year) when dear Tool pointed out that 4 is not a quarter of a year - I could claim Mommy brain on my computation failure, but let's be honest, I am just math stupid. 

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Kathy said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Beautiful Brenna, Beautiful Addie, Beautiful Mommy! Less than beautiful math skills!