Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:
Friends who show up just to chat.  While we were in Chicago we got to spend an evening with many of our friends, thanks to Keelin and Berto opening up their home.  There was a lot of catching up to do and a lot of chaos - these days almost off of our friends come with at least one little one in tow.
Baby Meredith taking it all in
Elizabeth Rose the budding artist
I have said a thousand times before how thankful I am for Addie's love our friends and how she truly believes they are her friends.  But I am becoming even more thankful for is that our friends have kids and those kids are actually Addie's friends.  In the midst of the chaos there were squeals of delight from Addie and her best Chicago bud, Samantha.  Addie also played well past bedtime with Aimon, who normally is a tad shy, but let out his wild side with Addie.  And all weekend long Addie had a shadow in the form of Miss McKenna who would not Addie out of her sight.  It was very cool to see the miniature versions of our selves become friends.
Sam and Addie - drama mamas and BFFs

The open adoration that Addison has for her grandparents.  There are special little things that are filed away in her brain that she associates with each of them.  With Grandma Patty she knows she can always have Twizzlers, go to LaRosa's or be read an extra bedtime story.  With Gramma Kathy she knows that there will always be Christmas cookies baked, a trip out to tea and and an adventure around picking fruit.  With Grandma Johnson Addie anticipates making cupcakes or ice cream or something delicious, playing dolls and dyeing Easter Eggs.  And with Papa Addie always plans a trip to the farm or park to play.

My nephews and my sweet girls.  I love my cousins and love that my girls have cousins close in age to play with.  At home, it is always a better day when Rylan comes to play and in Chicago we not only get to see Papa and Grandma, but have the added bonus of Emmett and Connor.  Addie and Emmett are exactly one week a part; Brenna and Connor are only five weeks apart - I love that they will always have each other.
Matching outfits.  One of these days I need to do a gallery of the girls and their matching outfits.  I remember dressing the same as my Mom when I was little and I adore that Addie always wants her and Brenna in matching outfits.  It may be hokey, but it's adorable.

Bubbles and Easter egg hunts.  My awesome neighbors littered our yard with dozens of eggs to surprise Addie - surprise was on them, we left town a day earlier than originally planned!  While Addie missed out on their egg hunt, she thoroughly enjoyed one in Papa's back yard.


Mich said...

This made me cry! I have become so soft. It is incredibly cool to see all the kids together. I just love it.

Sue said...

I love the matching outfits, adorable.