Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The fifth Mother's Day

What?   Did you expect a timely Mother's Day post? 
After Monday, a day with out naps and full of attitude, Mother's Day felt like a very distant memory.  Distant, but wonderful.
Mother's Day started around 6:30 - which is when life normally starts these days.  I reminded my brain that it was Mother's Day and I rolled back over to snooze.  About 45 minutes later I heard the door open and the patter of little feet ~ amazingly that patter went to the other side of the bed and woke up Daddy
Daddy?  It's Mother's Day.  Time to get up.
Wisely, Daddy convinced her to play in her room for another half hour - I couldn't help but smirk while I snoozed, that Daddy is a smooth talker.  Happy Mother's Day to me!

A little while later, Addie came upstairs carrying a box of goodies.  She showered me with homemade preschool crafts, a poem and her Mother's Day song.  I got a beautiful card from my husband, decorated by oldest babe. I was overly spoiled with a new 50mm lens for my camera and a camera bag that I had been coveting for close to a year.  So spoiled.  Andy brought up coffee in a paper cup (no cream or splenda though, cause lord knows where anything is in our house right now).  We all laid in bed, Addie, Brenna, Andy and I, snuggling and chatting and enjoying a quiet, rainy morning.  Happy Mother's Day to me!

Eventually we wandered out to have breakfast and perhaps a Bloody Mary or two (Happy Mother's Day to me!).  The rest of afternoon consisted of fiddling in the kitchen with doors and drawers, a daddy daughter nap on the couch and a solo mommy trip to Kohl's - Happy Mother's Day to me!

Before heading out for wonderful dinner and very grown up night at Les Miserable (Happy Mother's Day to me!), I played with my new lens, trying to figure out how to best work it.  I have a feeling that I am going to become a woman obsessed and will without a doubt drive my family crazy with photos.  The lens is very sharp and picks up such beautiful detail - for instance I had no idea that I had a wrinkle forming on my nose.  I snapped these two pictures while we lounged around in the afternoon, and I am not sure why I love them, but I do.

Andy also humored me and tried to get a few shots of us girls.  It turns out that it is damn near impossible to get a four year old to give a genuine smile while a five month old is looking at the camera.  Sadly this was the closest we got to a good picture.  Happy Mother's Day to me!

But here's the beauty of Mother's Day - it's a day that celebrates motherhood.  And motherhood is full of exhaustion and wrinkles and cold coffee with out cream.  It has days that are all snuggles and days that are all yelling.  Motherhood is fingerprint smudged windows, stained carpets, crayon marks on the kitchen table.  It is late nights, early mornings, dance recitals, tee ball games, diaper changes, endless cartoons, stories and make believe.
Even with a really great lens, motherhood is never picture perfect.  But it is endless and amazing, messy and fun.  Really, I think this quite simply says it all.  Happy Mother's Day to me!


Kathy said...

Just beautiful! Happy Mother's Day to YOU!!!!

Sue said...

Oh no, why am I crying? SO sweet.